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'Sial Travel Online': Mohammad Khan Sial: One-man institution
An Interesting Experience:
 In Kuala Lumpur (KL) - capital of Malaysia, I went to the vegetable market and found some items of
fruits and vegetables extra large (XL). For example: Bananas, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Brinjals etc.,

(02) I had attended an international conference on Public Relations at KL Hilton. On the last day of the conference, we selected photographs for getting copies for personal use. Our conference hand-bags were with us. At the table of photographer, my bag was exchanged with some one. At the evening when I opened the bag at my hotel to verify the timings of the Gala dinner, I was surprised to note that my hand-bag was un-intentionally exchanged with some one. I was worried because my passport, traveller cheques, airline tickets and other necessary documents were inside. Furthermore, I had to leave for my country on next day.

I was really in trouble. When I arrived at Gala Hall of the KL Hotel, I could not enjoy at all. Later, some body told me that your bag exchanged with a lady educationist but she has gone to out side the city and will definitely return here late night. After mid-night, she came back and asked me why you took my hand bag? I promptly replied her: I also ask you the same question. None the less, we returned the bags of each other and every thing was O.K.


 Our Jumbo Jet (Boeing 747) coming from Karachi landed at Manila (Ninoy) Airport. At the custom counters, some local girls staff were on duty. Like other passengers, they did not check our baggage. On seeing green passports of Pakistan in our hands, one of the female custom officer slowly said: NO DRUGS. We feel ashamed....."All courtesy Afghan Refugees & army dictator late General Ziaul Haq of Pakistan.

(02) Myself and my PIA colleague & friend Abdul Aziz Baloch (generally known as Aziz Baloch now expired on May 12, 2009 at Karachi) were wondering as tourists in the Rizal Park which was treated once as most beautiful park throughout Asia. I still remember the pleasant evenings which I spent in Rizal park. Once in the evening of weekend, we were walking in the park, we met two young girls namely Miss Rachell Gagnaocruz and Miss Eima.

After exchange of a few words, I talked to my friend in Sindhi language. Afterwards, the two girls talked to each other in their own language (Tagalog). I noticed that they were talking about us in their language. I asked Miss Rachel to speak in English so that we can understand. She promptly replied; when you are talking in your own language (Sindhi), we have no objection but why you are raising the objection to us? I realized my mistake and can not forget the same for the rest of my life.

Although I am staunch supporter of the right of talking into mother tongue and also myself was exercising the same right but I was denying the same to others....I was really sorry!.

 While travelling "Around-the-Globe", I went from Los Angeles (California state) to Honolulu (Capital of Hawaii state of USA). On my way to Tokyo (Capital of Japan), I left Los Angeles on May 23 and arrived Honolulu after a few hours. I was in transit at Honolulu & travelled to Tokyo. I was surprised to note that my arrival date in Tokyo was May 24. I had not witnessed the night of May 23-24. Later, I came to know that this was due to difference of 19 hours in timings.

(02) Moving the head from upward to downward means "Yes" in many countries but also "No" in some countries. In Tokyo, I went into a small shop. I asked to a lady that if she had a particular brief case but she moved her head upward to downward which according to me it was "Yes". I was looking at
her that she would show me the item but when she did not took any action on this, I returned back. Later, I came to know the real story and was amazed.

 After coming out from the Tube (subway) Baker's street station, I went to see Madam Tussaud's museum. When I entered into it, I found a sales counter on my left side. An old man was standing there. I enquired him about the entry fee. I was surprised that he did not reply me at all. Nonetheless,
I recalled that the 'person' was statue. As such, there were many statues but the visitors sometimes treat them as real human beings.

(02) I had purchased one newspaper from Regent street, London. A newspaper had published a first lead story about me. It was "MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL DINES AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE". In fact, there was a shop from where I purchased the newspaper. They print one headline of your choice. Rest the matter is already printed relevant to the headline giving the brief history of the subject.

 I was awaiting at the international passengers lounge at the Zia International Airport at Dhaka - capital of Bangladesh (Previously known as East Pakistan - a province of Pakistan). I had to travel from Dhaka to Dubai via Dhahran (Saudi Arabia). I met one young Bangladeshi person who had to go to Dhahran. Since the flight was 8 hours late as aircraft of Bangladesh - Biman had to come from Bangkok (Thailand) , he was also, among others, awaiting for the flight. We tried to talk to each other.

First of all, I tried to talk to him in Urdu (national language of Pakistan) but to my expectation, he like other Bengalis tried to avoid Urdu. ( It may be recalled that Bangladesh got independence from Pakistan in the year 1971 after great sacrifices).

I tried to speak to him in English but we could not make it as he was knowing very little English. None the less, we both found a new solution which was equally interesting to each other. He talked to me in Bengali - national language of Bangladesh and I talked to him in Sindhi language - official language of Sindh province in Pakistan and one of the oldest languages of the world. With the help of moving hands and speaking our own languages, we were somehow able to convey our messages. Other international passengers who were sitting in the lounge were watching the whole situation with full interests.

 When I arrived at Amsterdam ( capital of the Netherlands ), it was tourists seasons. Despite my best endeavours, I could not get the economical accommodation. By chance, I met one person on the way. His name was Mr. Peter. He was teacher in Indonesia (Yogjakarta) and for further study, he was in Amsterdam. He wanted to help me. We both again tried to find some suitable accommodation but to in vain. In the meantime, I told him that since accommodation is not available, I have decided to go to New York as early by tomorrow.

Finally, he offered me to stay with him one night. I was really thankful to him despite I was stranger,
he helped me. I had noticed one thing that he was very particular about her Landlady. In the morning,
I wanted to go to toilet but he told me that for this I have to get permission from my Landlady. On hearing this, I changed my mind and immediately left for Amsterdam airport.


 From Kowloon, myself & Aziz Baloch were going to Hong Kong by train. Some one told me that
there is an ocean between Kowloon and Hong Kong. At the a subway station, we disembarked from
the train and came outside. I asked from the policeman standing nearby, we want to go to Hong Kong.
He looked at me strangely and remarked; "This is Hong Kong." In fact our train came beneath the sea-water and I was unaware about this.


 While returning from the Muslim port city Mombasa to the Kenyan capital city Nairobi, we had flat tyre. It was about 2100 hours in the evening. On the both sides of National Highway, there were dense jungles in which wild animals like tigers, lions, elephants etc., were freely living in large number.

My three hosts namely Mr. Saleem, Mr. Mehmood & Mr. Ali Akbar Pathan (PIA) they came out of the car and were busy in changing the tyre. I was standing on the roadside and was thinking that if any wild animal came out in the dark what would happen as this was my first experience of life.

But, thanks God, every thing went well. We arrived at the Petrol Pump where they informed us that a Muslim family wanted to go to Nairobi, on the way near Salamoon hills some robbers snatched her all belongings. Now they are back and staying the night in nearby mosque. They also suggested us in good faith that we should also stay a night here. None the less, we decided to proceed and arrived in Nairobi safely.

(02) In Nairobi, I was told that the capital from the security point of view was unsafe. Somebody told me that some local people knew the technique that by hitting the back portion of head with their hands, the concerning person became unconscious and they easily robbed the personal belongings.

As such, foreign tourists were mostly victims of this technique. So even in the broad-day light, I had to be careful from the suspected persons during my visits to bazaars and shopping centres while going alone.


 Myself and one of my good friends, late Abdul Aziz (generally known as Mr. Baloch) who is now ex-Personnel Officer in PIA Head Office at Karachi we both went to Bangkok for vacations. Owing to some reasons, we could not get seats for Karachi at the airport. As a result, we had to come back to the hotel.

I as a pre-cautionary measures, handed over my passport & ticket to Mr. Baloch so that along with his own documents, my valuable tickets and passport bearing four years multiple visa for USA, might be safe-guarded.

When we arrived at the hotel, we came to know that our all documents including our passports which were kept in envelop were forgotten in taxi by Mr. Baloch. Thanks God, the taxi driver came back and he returned all the things safely. None the less, we paid him reward in cash. He really deserved it.


 (Pakistan - Afghanistan Chaman Border) we drove into Afghanistan. In Pakistan, we were Left
Hand Drive but suddenly we have to become Right Hand Drive and after 30 minutes when we returned
back, again we have to drive Left Hand and while re - entering into Pakistan. Later, I stayed about 08 months in Kabul. The above-mentioned was really an interesting experience of my life.