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[E-mails]: (Selected)

Water conflict: Comments on blog of The News
On Monday, Feb 01, 2010 Mohammad Khan Sial writes:

RECENTLY, in the Punjab Assembly, there was hue and cry that if a single drop of water
belonging to Punjab were “diverted” to Sindh, the ruling party minister, Raja Riyaz, and others
would resign. Earlier, Sindh has demanded closure of ‘link canals’ in Punjab in view of severe
scarcity of water during the seeding season in Sindh.

This reminds one of how Sindh was deprived of billions and billions of gallons of water for the
last many years. So much so that Gen Musharraf had to admit it in public: “Punjab was not
allowing implementing of ‘the 1991 Water Accord’ because Sindh was not willing to accept the proposed Kalabagh dam’. As per ‘the 1991 Water Accord’, minimum 10maf water is to be
released downstream Kotri in Sindh, resulting in sea intrusion rendering 2.4 million acres of agricultural land useless. By not implementing ‘the 1991 Water Accord’ in letter and spirit, Sindh
is still being deprived of billions of gallons of water.

Furthermore, the unwanted drainage water coming from Punjab and Balochistan both has made
havoc in Ghotki and other areas of Sindh. Besides, ruination on a large scale has occurred in
Badin. It is on record of the National Assembly that the water meant for Sindh and released from Tarbela has on many occasions mysteriously disappeared in the jurisdiction of Punjab. A. N. G. Abbasi’s Report was a proof of this. I am sure the water stolen in Punjab’s jurisdiction repeatedly was not just one but billions of gallons.

In A. N. G. Abbasi’s Report, it was clearly mentioned that during the scarcity of water, Punjab on
many occasions had forcibly taken its full share of water (as such did not share the scarcity of
water as agreed) whereas Balochistan and NWFP provinces were already allowed to take their
full share of water even during the scarcity of water. Thus, it was only Sindh, which suffered a
lot on such occasions.

The link canals were to be opened only when water was available in abundance and also with
prior permission of Sindh, but General Jillani (the then Governor of Punjab) — the right-hand
man of Gen Ziaul Haq — had unilaterally and forcibly turned ‘link canals’ into perennial canals.

Now when Sindh asks for closure of such canals for only 10 to 12 days so that seeding can be
carried, Punjab’s legislators are raising a din.

Furthermore, it was Punjab, which in connivance with Wapda was creating hindrances in
setting-up of power plants on gigantic Thar coal deposits to meet the energy needs of the
country in order to compel Sindh to agree on the controversial Kalabagh dam.

I suggest to the legislators belonging to Punjab that they must treat Sindh equally and not as its
‘colony’ for the good of this country, which belongs to all of us.



[SANA-CANADA]: Dawn neglecting Sindhis
On Saturday, July 18, 2010 1116am
Mohammad Khan Sial writes:

Dawn is the leading English daily which can be treated up to some extent as only impartial
newspaper in Pakistan whereas no other newspaper is impartial.

On recent changing situation in Pakistan on water front, I have sent at least 5 / 6 letters to Dawn emphasizing on Sindh's stand but surprisingly Dawn has not printed even a single letter during
the last one week.

I am surprised people like Khursheed Anwer (an ex-employee of notorious WAPDA and presently
hired by WAPDA informally for distorting facts about water situation in Pakistan through writing
letters to benefit Punjab) is frequently finding space in Dawn whereas we people who are already
a few to plead Sindh case, generally do not find space in Dawn.

Ex-SANA President Mr Aziz Narejo was writing letters on Sindh issues from USA frequently. I
personally asked him why he has kept quiet and not writing on alarming situation on water issue,
he replied he has written many letters to Dawn but these were not printed by the paper.

I am really worried about the policy of Dawn and have strongly protested to the editor Mr Abbas
Nasir for neglecting Sindh case in "Letters to the editor" column.

[SANA-CANADA]: Irsa's somersault - Prime minister compels  to open Chashma - Jehlum Link Canal to favour Punjab
On Thursday, July 15, 2010 2018pm
Mohammad Khan Sial writes:

As recent development, Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani who belongs to Punjab has
compelled Irsa to take decision in favour of Punjab by opening controversial Chasma - Jehlum
Link Canal. This time federal as well as Sindh representatives were compelled by Federal Govt
to sign on the new decision. This was disclosed by leading Sindhi daily Kawish on 16/07/2010.

The Sindh representatives are so harassed not to speak any thing about recent decision based
on injustices.

The paper writes chief minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif [PML-N] repeatedly phoned to prime
minister Gillani when he was sleeping and convinced him to issue such order.

In other words Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, Federal minister for Water and Power Raja
Ashraf, Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, till recently, Irsa's Acting chairman .i.e. "Punjabi Chauvinist" Shafqat Masood Janjua (now Punjab rep. in Irsa again) all are together to victimize

No one listens to hue and cry of puppet Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah whereas
President Asif Zardari, as usual is irrelevant to the life-and-death issues facing Sindh.


[SANA-CANADA]: GEO TV's war against Sindhis
On Monday, December 21, 2009, 06:10pm
Mohammad Khan Sial writes:

This refers to recent s of Sain Jaffer Memon and others exposing GEO TV - Urdu channel & unnecessarily defending President Asif Zardari as "Sindhi" President..

No doubt, Jang Group has waged a 'media war' against Sindhis since its inception. It was late
Mir Khalilur Rahman - founder editor of Urdu daily Jang who started labeling Bengalis (majority
people 56%), Sindhis, Balochs & Pakhtuns as "Anti-Pakistan", "Anti Pakistan ideology", "Indian
Agents", "Agents of Hindus" etc., whenever they raised their voice for restoration of their
national rights in united Pakistan.

During the language disturbances of 1972, the role of Urdu daily Jang was highly regrettable.
They without permission of late Raees Amrohi (as he clarified much later) printed a Nazam"
Urdu Kaa Janaza Hay, Zaraa Dhom Say Nukleay" originally written in 1939 year, thus Mir Khalil
was responsible for killings of hundreds of innocent Sindhis [at their own soil].

Again when tragedy of "September 30" [1998 year] took place in Hyderabad , it was Jang of Mir Khaleelur Rahman who got false news printed from Hyderabad by its correspondent Zamman
that a Sindhi nationalist group was involved. Consequently, hundreds of Sindhis in Hyderabad
and Karachi were brutally massacred.

GEO is also playing the same game since its inception. They are against the Sindhis. It appears
the soul of racist and chauvinist late Mir Khaleelur Rahman has entered into the body of GEO

Once I saw GEO report for writing slogans on the walls of Karachi . They had shown slogans in
Sindhi language
against Kalabagh dam, some slogans were written in favour of Pakhtuns but
slogans written on the walls by an ethnic group of Karachi , they did not see. Perhaps GEO
people became blind on that day.

Similarly, when old Sindhis in Karachi resisted razing of Sindhi village as, three Sindhis were
brutally killed [martyred] but racist & chauvinist Urdu TV channels particularly GEO did not
telecast the news. What a shame!

The racist City Mayor of Karachi Mustafa Kamal belonging to an ethnic group has also waged an
"open war" against Sindhis (Sons of soil) but "Deaf, Dump and Blind" Urdu print and electronic
media both have taken 'mum' for ignoring Sindhi localities in mega Development Programs and
racist activities of city mayor.

02. Sain Jaffer Memon and some other Sindhi journalists claim that some TV channels (including
GEO) are campaigning against President Asif Zardari because he is a Sindhi. In fact, it is a "cruel
joke" with Sindhis.

A person who has ashamed of calling himself as "Sindhi" rather claims himself as "Baloch" and
his activities were against Sindhis by completely bowing to ethnic group, some Sindhi columns
are bent upon to label him Sindhi.

Plz see the posting of Sain Mazahar Lakho, ex-President of Sindhi American of North America
(SANA) who said: In 1990 when some members of SANA went to meet visiting Prime Minister
Benazir Bhutto in New York unscheduled, she sent AAZ to talk to the delegation of Sindhis due to
her preoccupations. One of the Sindhi member told him in Sindhi language "Sain Khush Aaahyio",
[ Are you fine, Sir?], he replied in Seraiki language” I am not Sindhi. I am Baloch" and returned
back as mentioned by Sain Lakho in his posting.

Look at his policies, on restoration of judges, his role was highly regrettable and against
assurance given by Benazir Bhutto. Even on recent sugar crisis and ever increasing inflation, the
Govt did not promptly react and showed its helplessness. It was also "cruel joke" that some
Sindhi journalists / columnists favoured President Zardari for not restoring Judges against the
promise of Ms Bhutto.

What is in Sindh, there is a puppet Govt as evident from their stand on NFC etc.  They have fully surrendered to an ethnic group. In many cases, they have victimized Sindhis more than racist
and chauvinist Gen (r) Musharraf.

So I protest when our some Sindhi journalists / columnists are bent upon to hide the blunders of
a ruler by using "Sindhi Card" who himself is ashamed of being called as Sindhi. If one person is
cutting his own feet with his own axe, what can we do?

I have no personal ill-will against any one but please decide on merit if you really love Sindh.


[SANA-CANADA]: Let us acknowledge services of Ms Sassaui Palijo
On Saturday, July 17, 2010 Mohammad Khan Sial writes:

I suggest we must acknowledge services of Ms Sassaui Palijo, Sindh minister in connection with
efforts for raising her voice against usurping of Sindh's share of water by might-Punjab and
victimizing Sindh.

In recently held meeting at Karachi chaired by Prime Minister Syed Raza Gillani, in the presence
of Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Ms Sassaui Palijo daringly and repeatedly raised her
voice to take action against federal minister for Water and Power Raja Ashraf [Punjabi chauvinist]
who in connivance with Shafqat Masood Janjua [another Punjabi chauvinist bureaucrat] not only
used unconstitutional powers of CCI but also deprived Sindh of its due share of

Ms Sassaui Palijo daringly spoke in favour of Sindh whereas poor Qaim Ali Shah in order to make
his score trying to keep quiet Ms Sassaui Palijo.

Surprisingly, Prime Minister also lashed out on Ms Sassaui Palijo. He did not take any action
against federal minister & Punjabi chauvinist Raja Ashraf so far whereas Raja Ashraf would have
been dismissed and Shafqat Masood would have been behind the bars for taking unconstitutional
decision on water issues.

I never met Ms Sassaui Palijo and nor she is personally known to me but I want services of such
daring people [daughter of Sindh] must be acknowledged in connection with her efforts for
raising voice against injustices to Sindh.

I suggest WSC, SANA and WSI, they should jointly announce some award for Ms Sassaui Palijo
in recognition her efforts to Sindh on water front.


Trams in Karachi:
April 12th, 2010 10:22 am
Mohammad Khan Sial says:
I travelled on unique Trams in Karachi several times between March 1970 and 1975. It was,
in fact a wonderful journey. In those days, Trams were running from Empress Market to Bouldon
Market and very few to Soldier Bazaar. The fare was only 10 Paisas one way. Interestingly, many people were unwilling to pay even 10 Paisas. When Checker used to come on one side, they immediately gone on other side. Thus, they were saving 10 Paisas only whereas majority of
passengers were paying the fares at their own.

I still remember the last days of the Trams in Karachi. When Trams service was discontinued,
I was working in PTV News, Karachi Centre and translated the feature on the subject which was telecast on closure of the Trams.

Some bitter facts about late Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi:
On November 23, 2009, Mohammad Khan Sial writes;

Our some friends are paying rich tributes to late Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, His life can be divided into
two parts. As well as first part is concerned, their tribute to late G M Jatoi is generally correct but
there were some bitter facts about 2nd part of his life.

01. When army dictator Ziaul Haq removed elected Govt of Z. A. Bhutto, there were the persons
who immediately met Gen Zia in the darkness of night. They were Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi and
Maulana Kausar Niazi..

02.Unfortunately Rais Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi and Abdul Hafiz Pirzada both did nothing to save the
life of Shaheed Z. A. Bhutto. When Bhutto Saheb was in Jail and waiting for death, he asked
Abdul Hafiz Lakho, advocate of Shaheed Bhutto, if both are unwilling to come forward, please
ask them to come in public at least for face saving”. (Reference BBC Urdu interview broadcasted
on April 04, 2009. In search you can find the video.

03. In MRD many innocent Sindhi people were brutally killed. Saein G. M. Syed also pointed out
this. In those days, Jatoi Saheb and his younger brother Mujtaba Jatoi were leading the
movement. They led the movement in a way that many people were killed so that they should be
in better position of bargain with Ziaul Haq to become Prime Minister (Jatoi Sc) but Pir Pagaro did
not agree and he gave name of Mohammad Khan Junejo.

04. Jang dated 21st Nov 09 , has printed a statement of Zia Abbas – a close associate to G M
Jatoi who disclosed that Jatoi was to be appointed as Prime minister and General Ziaul Haq
agreed to this. Had Ziaul Haq not killed in air crash, Jatoi Saheb would have become Prime
Minister of Pakistan within a few days.

05. After the execution of Shaheed Bhutto, Gen Zia also decided to appoint him as Prime Minister
and this was accepted by Mr Jatoi in an interview. But Begum Bhutto issued statement that if any
one is appointed as Prime Minister on our strength (PPP), he would be ousted immediately. This statement stopped him to become Prime Minister but now Zia Abbas has disclosed that a few
days of his death, Gen Zia again agreed to appoint him as new Prime Minister.

The memory of human beings is very short. I have no personal ill-will with Mr. Jatoi. in personal capacity he was good man but I am writing above lines to keep the record straight.


Punjabi Judiciary or Sindhi Judiciary
On Monday, March 23, 2009, Mohammad Khan Sial wrote:

A recently article by our friend Mr Aajiz Jamali has appeared in Sindhi daily headlined " Punjab
Chhaa Thho Chahi" [What does Punjab want?] has claimed that when Sindhi students go to
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad for admissions, they were asked the question like: "If
you were were given admissions, you may kidnap the girls".

I am sorry to say Mr Aajiz's comments are obviously based on speculations. My son has stuied
two years during the tenure of Gen Musharraf in QAU but he has never made such complaints.
Hundreds of Sindhi students are already studying in QAU for the last many years. However, no
one has raised such complaint.

"Ghausi": Ayaz Babar's Blog
Mohammad Khan Sial  writes on March 28, 2009

It was very unfortunate there was no significant presence of ‘Sindhi Press’ at the funeral of
Sabihuddin Ghausi – a veteran journalist (Mumbai born) who dedicated his whole life to serve
Sindh through his writings. He presented ‘Sindh Case’ vigorously supported by facts and figures.
It was irreparable loss to Sindh.

I knew Mr Ghausi for about last 04 decades and found him a thorough gentleman and a person
who was sincere to his journalistic profession.

It is unfortunate fact, had there been any political gathering, full Sindhi Press would have been

While addressing an annual convention of Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) in Orlando,
Florida, USA on water-related issues Sindh was facing, in July 2007, I suggested that SANA
(Sindhi Association of North America), WSI (World Sindhi Institute) and WSC (World Sindhi
Congress) jointly or separately must acknowledge services of those journalists who presented
‘Sindh Case’ in English media vigorously. At the time of suggesting Award, the name of
Sabihuddin Ghausi was in my mind for his valuable journalistic services which he rendered for
Sindh in particular.

No doubt, our friend Sabihuddin Ghausi had rendered services to Sindh, more than any Sindhi
journalists working in English media, has done.

Mohammad Khan Sial