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Travel Experience
 I hope you enjoy reading the experiences as I did visiting these places

Some countries that I visited:

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, UAE, Japan, Switzerland, Kenya,
USA, Canada, UK, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, France, Germany. Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, India, Iran etc. Some countries, I have visited for 6/7 times.

Most Memorable Travel:
 Around the world in 30 days en route to Karachi-Jeddah-Geneva-London-Bedford-Amsterdam -
New York-Los Angeles-Honolulu-Tokyo-Manila - Bangkok-Karachi.
Countries of Choice:
 the Philippines and Singapore.

Manila (MNL) & Cebu
 My favourite country the Philippines, capital is Manila, which is called a city of music and
beauty. Evenings spent at Rizal Park and Manila Bay are pleasant ones. Must see its museum,
Nayong Philipino (Philippino Village) near Airport and also travel in beautiful train & Jeepneys. Has slight security problem. If you have money, must visit the 2nd. largest city Cebu. Climate: Tropical
all year with relatively high humidity and abundant rainfall. The coolest month is January and the hottest May. Clothing: Lightweight or tropical with warm clothes for cool evenings.
Languages: Filipino (Tagalog). English. GMT +8. Currency; Peso

Hong Kong (HKG)
 Spend your vacations here. Its underground train system, Ocean Park, colourful night life are
good additions to one's life experiences. Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English; Electricity: 200/220V AC 
50 Hz; Driving is on the right; Currency: Hong Kong dollar; Local Time: GMT+8;
Climate: Sub-tropical climate with heavy rainfall between early May - late Sept but some rain falls
in all months. Chinese handshakes may last longer. When addressing Chinese people, family or surname is mentioned first; National day: Oct 02.

Tokyo (TYO)
 Capital of the 'Land of the Rising Sun'. One of the largest city of the world. Very expensive. My advice to people with heart problem is not to visit Tokyo because of the exorbitant prices (inflation). Has the oldest national anthem in the world. Language and accommodation are biggest problems.

Punctuality is important. The street level or ground floor is called the first floor like USA & Sindh (Pakistan). National Foundation Day is celebrated on Feb 11. Climate; Generally temperature with
four distinct seasons. June to early July is the main rainy season. Typhoons likely in Sept-Oct. Clothing: Lightweights in summer for most areas. Medium weights for spring and autumn and
heavier warm clothing for winter; GMT+9; Languages: Japanese & English; Electricity: 100V 50Hz (Tokyo and East Japan); Driving: Driving is the left; Currency: Yen (JPY)


Kuala Lumpur (KL/KUL)
 A beautiful city of Malaysia. Lot of things to see. Experience of travel by daily train between
Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is excellent and memorable for life. I strongly recommend this
journey. I travelled Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by bus and returned by train. During the train, currencies of both countries are acceptable. Also must visit the world's tallest buildings. Aug 31 celebrated as a National Day. Climate: Hot and humid through the year.

Rainy seasons are Aug-Sept. Clothing: Light all year around. Languages: Bahasa, Malaysia,
English, Chinese, Tamil. GMT+8. Currency: Ringgit.


Singapore (SIN)
 One of the world's cleanest and disciplined cities. A shopper's paradise. A city of 22nd century.
My advice please visit this place at least once in your life. There is a popular song in Hindi:
'Jewan Main, Eik Baar, Aaanaa Zaroor.' (Once in your life, must visit Singapore). Second busiest port in the world.

Smoking is banned in all air-conditioned places. Import and sale of chewing gum is prohibited.
Aug 09 is National Day. Climate: Tropical being hot and humid throughout the year. Rainfall
occurs in all months with heaviest period in Nov-March. Clothes: Lightweight.
Languages: Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English. GMT+8. Currency: Singapore dollar.


Dhaka (DAC) & Saavar
 Capital of one of the world's most populated country Bangladesh. Also famous for mosques
and floods. Got independence in 1971 after great sacrifices from Pakistan. If you have time must visit Saavar about 22 miles from Dhaka to witness beautiful monument of freedom fighters.

It is like flower with "Seven petals" as Pakistani army surrendered on 16: 1+6=7 (16th Dec 1971) and also a mass grave in which a large number of 'Freedom Fighters' were buried in  one grave. Languages: Bengali & English; Electricity: 220V/240V AC 50Hz; Currency: Taka: BDT;
Independence day: March 26; Clothing: Lightweight cottons and linens during all seasons except winter when warm clothes are requires.
Climate: Tropical monsoon, rainy season: between Jun - Sep, GMT+6.


Bangkok (BKK) & Pattaya
 Thailand's capital. White elephants found in the country. Has many historic and interesting
places to visit. Famous for attractive night life. If you have time also visit Pattaya, Chang Mai,
Pukhet and also famous River Kiwai bridge.

Here a well-known English movie 'A Bridge on River Kiwai' was made. GMT+7, Languages: Thai, Chinese, English; Currency; Bhat (BHT); The conventional greeting or 'wai' is made by placing
palms of hands together, Thais address each other and foreign visitors by their first name,
Losing ones temper, especially in public is considered poor manners and public displays of
affection between men and women are frowned upon. One should not touch the head of persons not even that of children and soles of the feet must not be shown when sitting. Footwear should
be removed before entering a chapel of a Buddhist temple, also private homes; Electricity: 220V
AC 50Hz, Loose cotton clothing is recommended. 


Nairobi (NBO) & Mombasa (MBA)
 Kenya's capital. A land of safaris. Lush green. Numerous fruit juices available. Must see port
city Mombasa (98% Muslim population). It is also called 'Venice of the East'. It is also called
another Bangkok due to its colourful life. Security problems. Driving is on the left side. Climate:
Most of Kenya is either subtropical or temperate. Rainfall variable from year to year. Clothing: Lightweight or tropical.
Languages: Kiswahili, English, Many local languages. GMT+3. Currency: Kenyan Shilling (KES); GMT+3; Electricity:220/451V AC 50Hz; Driving is on the left. Climate: tropical/sub-tropical.


Dubai (DXB) & Abu Dhabi (AUH)
 A shopper's paradise and free port in the desert country of UAE. It is a convention to use right
and not left hand when passing or receiving any thing. Dec 2 National Day. UAE's capital is
Abu Dhabi. 

Climate: Very hot between May and September and warm and sunny from Mid Oct to April with
occasional rainfall. Clothes: Light. Languages: Arabic, English. GMT+4. Currency: Dirham (AED); Electricity: 220V AC 50Hz (Northern States), 240 AC 50Hz (Abu Dhabi); Temperature: Hot.


Jeddah (JED), Makkah & Medina (MED)
 Gateway to two most holy Muslim cities i.e. Makkah and Medina (Only Muslims are allowed to enter). Some language problems. When sitting crossed legged on sofas or cushions, sole of feet
must not be shown, preferably both feet are kept on the floor. Climate: Extremely dry and arid throughout the year. Clothes: Light. Languages: Arabic and English. GMT+3. Currency: Saudi


Amsterdam (AMS)
 A city of canals, diamonds and windmills. Excellent duty free shops at airport. It is lovely city
to visit and enjoyed visiting Amsterdam very well. Cycling is popular here.

Paris (PAR)
 A capital city of France being called 'City of Fashions & Art' but one of the expensive city with beautiful Metro (Underground Railway system). Many things to visit including Eiffel Tower,
River Seine etc. museums etc.,

Frankfurt (FRA)
 One of the beautiful city of the Europe. Bus & train services available to various adjoining
countries. I went to Paris (capital of France) by night bus from here.

Colombo (CMB)
 The capital city of Sri Lanka, I visited thrice. This is beautiful city and cheaper for shopping.
There are many beautiful shopping centers here. It is shoppers' paradise in real sense.

Mumbai (BOM) / Delhi (DEL)
 You will enjoy visiting the two cities of India. Many historical places in capital city, Delhi and
also financial capital Mumbai (old name Bombay). In Mumbai, you can visit Gate Way of India on Indian ocean coast, Chopati (famous coast), Centre of Indian Movies. India is the largest movie-making centre in the world followed by  Hollywood). 

In Delhi, visit India Gate, Jantar Mantar, Qutab Minar, Lal Fort, Jamia Masjid (here you can see
holy hair of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and nearby Mazar of Sarmad Shaheed & grave of
Maulkana Abul Kalaam Azad, Samadhi of Gandhi and some beautiful temples.

The recently constructed most modern under-ground train system is superb. I enjoyed travelling
by the metro.


Kabul (KBL)
 I stayed over 08 months in Kabul during my posting as Country Manager, Afghanistan, PIA at
capital city Kabul there. The capital city of Afghanistan is now under re-construction which has remained about 27 years under war. Expensive city with lack of facilities / amenities. Like me you
can visit graves of first Mughal emperor, Shahinshah Babar and his wife. During the civil war, the graves of Shahinshah Babar & his wife which are in suburb of Kabul city, can be seen  with riddle
of bullets. But now Agha Khan Foundation has carried over renovation work. Fresh fruits are
available in abundance. They are tasty and cheap. However, some security problem is there.


London (LON)
 A popular saying is that 'a person who has not seen London is not born yet'. A very expensive
city of United Kingdom (UK) but a lot of interesting things to see. A mini world of different ethnic communities. Effective & extensive 'Tube' system (superb underground railway system). Must see 'London Eye' (a big wheel). More than 400 tourist places to see. Climate: Generally cold and mild. Clothes: Medium weight. Languages: English. Currency: Pound Sterling.


Toronto (YYZ / YTO)
 I visited Canada twice. On Feb 04, 2007, I visited Toronto. There was -15C temperature, the
day we arrived at Toronto Airport. We went to see 7th modern 'Wonder of the World' i.e.
Niagara Fall from Canadian side. Niagara has its own charm to visit in winter. Despite high cool temperature, we enjoyed very well in -15C temperature. The day we visited, a person fell down
in Niagara when he unsuccessfully tried to catch his slipped on ice mobile phone set. However,
he was rescued with the help of helicopter.


New York (NYC)
 A city of famous Statue of Liberty gifted from France. It is said that 'The Lady of Statue of
Liberty' is the only real virgin in the whole of USA. A city of the tallest buildings. Must visit the UN headquarters.

Some security problems. Address a  person as Mr., Mrs. or Ms followed by family or surname.
Handshake is preferred. Languages: English. Currency, dollar. GMT-5.

Chicago (CHI)
 The second largest city of USA. Must see its the tallest building 'Sears Tower'. The busiest
airport of the world. I enjoyed the view of the City from the roof of the said tallest building at that time.

Los Angeles (LAX) / Hollywood
 Must visit world famous 'Disney Land' & 'Universal Film Studio' in Hollywood. A good
experience of life-time. A memorable experience of my life.

Honolulu (HNL)
 A nice place for vacations. When you disembark at the airport, young girls with garlands in
their hands will welcome you with kisses -- all for free, of course.


Houston (HOU), TX
 A city of the future world. Must visit NASA. Some security problem at nights.

Buffalo (BUF) / Niagara Fall
 Must visit Niagara Fall from US side. But if you have a visa go to Canadian side as well to get
an amazing experience of Niagara as you have to cross a bridge to go to there. Pleasant
experience what I have noticed while crossing the bridge to enter another country.


Orlando (MCO), Florida, FL
 Must see Disneyworld. Very beautiful experience. A good place to attend conferences / conventions.
I enjoyed staying in Orlando, FL by attending SANA Conference in July, 2007.

Washington, DC
 Capital city, many things to see including White House - residence of most powerful President
of the world. Security problem at nights and also early mornings particularly in Metro trains. I avoided to travel early morning by metro (Underground train) due to security reasons on advise
of my friends
To Be Added: (100110)